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49 Commenti

  1. My three intentions are: to reach my financial target for 2020 despite everything going on, for Blessed Mother to heal my father completely who suffered a partial stroke and to find a good place to live where God has prepared for me.

  2. Mama Mary pls.heal my waist and below.hope my nephew got his wish for his birthday,hope he find the right girl for him.hope you grant my petition in Jesus name,Amen🙏🏻🙏🏻

  3. Mama Mary Pls heal my son, and heal the people who are sick around the world and Pls let this pandemic end pray for us o holy mother of God 🙏

  4. Mamma mary, praying for my board grades m really so stressed and depressed plz shower your blessings upon me so that i can atleast pass with good score plz Jesus listen to my prayers this time, if I ll be nt able do it my whole family will be shattered hear my prayers mother Mary. Amen.

  5. Mama mary baguhin mo po ang aking ugali at sa mga anak ko rin patnubayan mo kami against sa covid 19 at ang higit sa lahat sa grasya at trabaho na ipinagkaloob sa mga anak ko kht sa pandemya nanatiling mayrong silang trabaho salamat at pinupuri ka namin sa ngalan ni pPANGGINOON JESUS AMEN

  6. Jesus cover me with your precious blood and heal my diabetes and eyesight and pressure and cholesterol and haemoglobin and optic nerve which is pressed due to my high pressure and diabetes and bring it to normal as the pressure can cause the optic nerve to bleed Thank you for looking after Mathilda

  7. My dearest Mother Mary, I have been diagnosed to be having seriously damaged heart muscles and it is functioning at 27 to 30%, this has led to water retention in my body. recently I was hospitalised for a week, investigations shows that my sodium is very low and the potassium level to be way high above normal. I am currently taking 11 tablets every morning, to control my blood pressure and cholesterol and blood sugar levels..
    Mother of Perpetual Help, please have mercy on me and heal my heart to function at a normal or 50% too will be good. It's not so much about me dying, rather I don't want to burden or to impose too much on my family members.
    Please answer my prayers Mother.

  8. O My Blessed Mother I come before You , through the intercession of Your Blessed Son Jesus Christ, pleading for You to cure my spouse who is suffering from a severe skin allergy. She is not responding to medication from the specialist. I know with my prayers and with Your help Blessed Mother she will be cured and be relieved of her pain and suffering that is causing her severe emotion and stress.You will never never forsake Your children, I beg you my Blessed Mother to please, please cure her. 🙏🙏

  9. Mother pls I lost my 6 sauvran gold chain. Pls help me in finding it. For the past one year I am searching for it and could not find it.

  10. Mother Mary, please intercede for the good results of my daughter and help her to clear the entrance exams and get a medical seat in an Institute destined by God . Thank you dear mother. 🙏

  11. St Rita please heal my appetite and uneasiness Please heal my appetite and diabetes and pressure and eyesight and cholesterol and bring it to normal Please keep us safe
    As we move
    In and out of the hospital
    My eye cataract surgery as keep us safe from this virus

  12. Mama Mary Heal my appetite and uneasiness heal my diabetes and eyesight and cholesterol and pressure and bring it to normal Keep us safe as we move in and out of the hospital visiting the eye surgeon for
    My cataract surgery

  13. Mother Mary please bless me with a gift of permanent government job. I beg you please bless me with a government job. please please please pray for me mother mary make a miracle in my life.

  14. Mamma Mary pl bless my children abundantly always pl give job offer to lohi n open new doors for him pl bless kushlu n lohi pl mama pl bless my mom Hadya family members n my children,s life partners always pl fulfill their desires in their lives n solve their financial situations . Pl mama have mercy mother of Jesus Almighty God. Pl bless motherless children lohi n kushlu pl

  15. Mama Mary please intersed for me andheal my appetite which is very bad Icant eat at all and my over all health is bad Tomorrow I have an appointment with the eye surgeon Please cover me with
    The precious blood of Jesus so that there is nothing serious with my eye cataract

  16. Please Mother Mary I ask of you to take care of my children's jobs and that my eldest grandson does very well in his board exams this year.

  17. Lord and angels of the lord make haste for the greedy people in Washington office stop prolonging the nation needs help they are greedy that oppress the people and stop this man made prestilnce and I dont want to sound greedy truth in my injuries are real and these wicked men and women act like I have not suffering for this please a honest judge and attorney not oppress me lord please help and lord return the children back to their parents maks haste

  18. Please help me with sebastian assist with his ways to change to a postive kid and please dispatch your holy angels to act and deliver us from these evil men and women who plot against us and help our nation enlightened the demon to leave us alone also lord please heal my brother raymond and my sister sandra and my daughter amanda make haste for us amen

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